Whether it’s budgeting, cash flow management or developing an investment strategy for future success, you need to know your numbers. In this Volume, you will develop your business acumen; creating an understanding of the financial metrics that matter to your business. You will learn how to use your financial plan to build long-term and short-term goals when mapping out your financial future. Whether you’re able to eat baked beans or caviar – it’s not just about the dollars coming in, but how well you manage the dollars leaving your business. In this Volume, you will learn how to plan for your expenses as well as budgeting – to manage the details that make all the difference.
Finance: Get Your Sea Legs
Unlike traditional naval fleets where captains ruled by command and control, pirates chose their captains based on their skill, daring and their ability to win prizes and booty. No pirate takes too kindly to being told what to do – especially by someone with less sea mastery than themselves! If however, the captain fell into disfavour or had a bad cruise, it was likely that he would either have difficulty finding a new crew on his next expedition, or even worse, he might find himself marooned or thrown overboard. Just like the captain of a pirate ship, you need to develop your financial acumen to be successful in business. While you might not be made to ‘walk the plank’ if you make a mistake in your finances, it could very well be your business that finds itself in Davy Jones’ Locker.
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